Welcome to the National Lift Tower

The National Lift Tower is a Research and Development facility located in Northampton, England. It was originally designed and built to test lifts for the Express Lift Company, however the type of research and testing work undertaken at the National Lift Tower has increased in recent years from drainage to safety equipment.

The height of the tower at 127m (418ft) and it’s unique features have made it an important resource in the research and development industry.

The National Lift Tower is home to 4 working lifts. An engineers lift for everyday use that runs from the ground floor to floor 18. A high speed lift which runs from the first floor to floor 17. A medium speed lift from floor 12 to 15 and a training lift from floor 7 to 9.

The tower also hosts various other test projects such as drop testing and sharp edge testing where safety devices such as descenders can be tested. We also have available a 40 metre wind turbine ladder with ibex 1000 system and a Limpet system which can be used for training wind turbine or other working at height technicians.

Unique team building with corporate abseiling days

The UK’s tallest permanent abseil tower.

At 418 feet The National Lift Tower is the UK’s tallest permanent abseil tower.  Why not challenge your co-workers with a corporate abseil event hosted by the National Abseil Team.

Research and Development facility

The UK’s tallest research and testing tower

The National Lift Tower is one of the UK’s tallest facility for product development and prototype testing. We welcome a number of global brands who develop and test their products here.


The National Lift Tower can offer various services to clients including: