The National Lift Tower

The UK’s tallest research and development centre.

Working Lift Shafts

Our fully operational lifts provide the perfect environment to test various technologies that can be installed inside or out of the lift car or as a training shaft for lift engineers.

Conference Room Hire

Our modern conference room is available for hire separately or can be included for your training courses in lift shafts or other development projects.

On Site Engineering Suite

The tower houses a light engineering suite where we can help mount, modify or further develop your product should you need it.


We can help with small or large  scale product development. If you are looking for height in a building to test a product or impact drop test a product we can offer up to 90 meters in internal space in a safe concrete surrounded drop impact workspace for long or short term projects.


We provide excellent facilities for lift engineer training. The National Lift tower houses six lift shafts, one of which is a high speed lift with a shaft height of 100 meters and a theoretical maximum speed of 10m/s.


Our edge testing shaft is another facility available at The National Lift Tower, this allows clients to perform testing on an assortment of pieces of safety equipment. This can be used to test the durability of products over various edges such as a sharp edge.


Our 40 meter aluminium training ladder is an idea environment for wind turbine technician training. Balconies at various heights gives instructors access to students at various heights. The training is also installed in a fairly confined space to further emulate the real conditions wind turbine technicians may be faced with.

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National Lift Tower,
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Tel: +44 01604 587745

    National Lift Tower
    Tower Square
    NN5 5FH
    United Kingdom

    +44 01604 587745