Frequently asked questions

Do you allow the media to use the building2023-10-11T14:27:02+00:00

Yes, we allow the media to use the building in their projects. Please call to discuss your project.

Can I park at the base of the tower2023-10-11T14:24:24+00:00

The tower property which includes the entire roundabout and is private land and parking restriction is in place. Please see the signs on site.

If you are visiting the tower for business or abseil you are welcome to park. Please see a member of staff if you are unsure.

Can our school visit the tower?2023-10-11T14:18:55+00:00

Schools are welcome to visit and sit at the base of the tower as we know many of you like to but as we are a working building we can no longer allow people inside.

Who runs the abseil?2024-06-20T13:44:47+00:00

We use an outside contractor to provide the abseil events. Please direct all abseil questions to www.nationalabseilteam.co.uk

Can you light the tower up for my charity?2023-10-11T14:16:01+00:00

Unfortunately no, following the few times we did light the tower up we now get inundated with requests from all sorts of worthwhile causes to light the tower up for those charities. However the cost of lighting up the tower is very expensive so we now do not accept any charity or personal requests to light the tower up.

We will however consider commercial projects.

What does the tower do now?2023-10-11T14:08:22+00:00

Good question. The main focus of the National Lift Tower in the 21st century is research and development into drainage products for high rise and super high-rise buildings. We test new ideas fresh of the drawing board, test new products that are already in development and try to improve on existing products.

Can we visit the top of the tower?2023-10-11T14:05:14+00:00

Unfortunately no, the tower is an industrial working building and is not open to the public.

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